The Dixie Land Energy Staff

HVAC Technicians

    We feel very privileged to have Tim , Jack , Garrett, Kenny, Richard and Chris working for Dixie Land Energy. We have four HVAC technicians and and two assistants to serve our customers.  Tim  Sheets and Jack McCarthy  are our lead  heating and cooling technicians and run the team. Our technicians are very skilled at their trade and get the job done right the first time.  They will not try to sell you something you don't need. You can feel confident calling Dixie Land Energy for all your Heating and Cooling needs.  

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Kimberly Falco
Director of Marketing and Office Administration

    Kim handles our Website, Facebook , All Social Media, All Advertising and Marketing materials, Promotions, Specials, Customer relations, Office administration, Customer service department management , Procurement, Commercial contracts and Propane supplier contract negotiations.
If you have questions regarding our website, advertised specials,  interest in our services,  joint marketing proposals, or would like to work for Dixie Land Energy, please contact Kim at 888-517-3680 or 484-983-5222
Dixie Land Energy Customer Service Staff

 In addition, Dixie Land Energy has a full customer service office staff to take fuel orders and answer any questions or address any problems  you may have. Please contact any of our friendly office staff-
Accounts Payable (MEAP & LiHeap)- Joan Perry ,Ext- 1005
Accounts Receivable- Briana Unger, Ext-1001
Customer Service-Minnie Perry, Ext -1003
Customer service support-Jean Givens, Ext 1011

Customer Service -Beverly Melrath , Ext- 1010
Customer Service and Collections- Chrisy Cox , Ext-1006
Customer Service-Dee Bickling, Ext-1008
Customer service-Crystal Bennett, Ext-1011
Customer service-Kylie Shue, Ext 1014

Accounts Receivable - Alice Hamilton , Ext- 1002
Customer Service- Becky Jordan, Ext-1007
HVAC Secretary- Dana Mayros , Ext-1012
Accounting and Office Administration -Debbie Williams, Ext- 1013
Safety/Operations manager- Chris Cafarella Jr- 302-685-2121 
Dispatching- Crystal Raymond
​Sales - Ronnie Blankenbeckler - 443-256-8906
HVAC Lead technician/Manager- Joel Wenger- 443-967-4009

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