Steve Perry

     Steve started working in the fuel delivery service industry when he was 19 years old. He delivered fuel for Walker and Ewing oil companies for 8 years while dreaming of owning his own company and providing  jobs for families in the Rising Sun area. At 27 years old he decided it was time to make his move.   After having saved most of his checks and selling everything he owned including his most prized possession, his 1979 Corvette, he purchased his first heating oil delivery truck.  He replaced the transmission on the truck with the help of his uncle and painted the truck himself.  He started his company with one truck and a dream to be successful.

    While most other young adults his age were out at bars and concerts, Steve was working seven days a week.  He made his deliveries available to his customers 24 hours a day without extra charges.  He charged the lowest prices he could possibly afford and delivered regardless of weather conditions.  As his business grew, he started offering more types of fuel and acquired more trucks.  He started hiring employees and opened an office.  He hired more drivers to help him keep up with the deliveries and demand for his fuel products and eventually added an HVAC service as well.

    16 years, 44 trucks, 64 employees, 15,000 + customers, numerous commercial contracts, government contracts, a private  120,000 gallon fuel storage facility, rail car facility, on site  printing, design and marketing and delivering in three states later, Steve hasn't changed much.
Though his business has grown substantially into a full service energy company , his work ethic hasn't changed. Steve's hands on approach is apparent in every aspect of Dixie Land Energy.

    Steve still takes service calls, still works 7 days a week  and delivers business, residential and agricultural customers' fuel personally now and then.  He enjoys visiting with old customers and meeting new ones.  It is not uncommon to see Steve riding along with Tim, Jack, Joel or Garrett in the HVAC truck to a service call or replacing an air conditioning or heating unit.

    Instead of a suit and tie, Steve prefers his work boots and service jacket. You won't find him sitting behind a desk delegating  jobs.  He works out in the field every day right along with his employees , not because he has to, because he wants to . He loves what he does and takes pride in his American owned and operated company.  His personal touch and dedication to his customers can be felt by anyone who meets him.  He is not just a boss but truly a friend to his employees.  That is obvious.

    Dixie Land Energy and its level of service is his number one priority everyday.  Steve always goes out of his way to make sure his customers know that they matter and never makes them feel like a number.  He treats his employees and customers like family and that will never change because he believes that is how it should be. 

That's the Dixie Land way
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